We introduce niche but specialized and proven ICT products and solutions catering to customer requirements. Moving away from the conventional offering we build values for our customers. Our greater satisfaction is enabling our customers with technologies that are scalable and resilient. We are specialized in supporting information technology requirements of many domains. We always ensure that our customers are working with the right fit technology resources for their operation to provide them with the perfect customer experience.

Our services can serve from large enterprises to start-up businesses, providing all the services you expect from an internal IT department. From defining to implementation of IT projects, we work to deliver you a fast and satisfactory solution.

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Our Services


Taking into the consideration of all aspects and also to make this debt recovery process easier and transparent, we have developed a system which is 100% accurate, efficient, time saving and quite advantageous for all parties. We offer this system under the brand name "HELA-X" which is exclusive and specialized in the area of Financial Management


E - Learning

There's no limit on what's possible. We are an eLearning development vendor who specializes in custom training experiences and unique eLearning solutions. We design the learning products to be highly tailored, informative, engaging, memorable and ensure high knowledge transfer and outstanding training outcomes. Tell us about your training goals, and we’ll come up with a solution that will get you there.

Sample work

Responsive Websites

Phone, Tablet or PC? We make sure your website looks the way you want it to where ever it is viewed. In this day and age there smart devices populate our entire life, a website that does not adapt to the screen it is viewed on is easily ignored. We strive to ensure that the websites we create are always up to standard with the new devices releasing all the time. No matter the device or software your website will always be at its best.

Content Development

Content writing is not just a piece of writing but information that wait for someone to connect with. It is researching, producing, publishing information to meet a strategic goal. Popularize your website or business with professional and high quality contents, to make it more customer oriented. There are, also called web developers, use their knowledge and skill in programming and software as well as web-based technology to create and update websites.

Software Development

From A-Z, we develop the computer software you need to make your life much easier and streamlined. We create custom and simply software for any industry ensuring that your requirement is fulfilled in the most effective way, not only that we strive to make easy to use software that anyone who is not technically inclined can use it with ease and minimal training, ensuring that your business’s efficiency also increases.

App Development

We develop apps for many mobile platforms and we make sure it’s the best at what it needs to do. At a time smart devices are in everyone’s hand if you want your customer base to use your services as their first choice then you need to have an app even for the simplest task studies have shown people prefer using a direct app rather than open a browser and searching for it. This is why an app is a natural choice if you want real exposure.


We have created a web-based application for Debt Recovery Collection & Management + BPO Companies Management for the very first time in the market and there are no similar solutions in the industry at the moment.

  • Debt & Recovery MIS
  • Unlimited User Logins
  • Live Indicators + GPS
  • 100% Data Protection
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Features & Overviews

  • Debt & Recovery MIS

  • Browser Compatible

  • Live Performance Indicator

  • Easy to Customize

  • Unlimited Access

  • Lifetime Updates

  • User Friendly

  • Simple Clean Code


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